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1. What is GIT stash ?
2. What is a branching strategy?
3. What is the command to discard changes in the working dir?
4. How do you debug the exited container?
5. How do you execute jobs parallely in Jenkins?
6. Maven Lifecycle?
7. How do you upgrade Jenkins?
8. What is called a Parameterised Job in Jenkins?
9. What is called Docker Swarm?
10. How do you handle codes in Nexus satisfactory?
11. How do you manage space issues in the Jenkins server?
12. what is called a multibranch project in the Jenkins server ?
13. How do you secure the Jenkins server?
14. How do you manage GITHUB roles?
15. What is called a NULL resource in Terraform?
16. What is called terraform fmt ?
17.What is called Snowball?
18. How do you manage credentials in Terraform?
19. What is called Code Deploy in AWS?
20. Can you attach a single EBS volume to multiple EC2 instances at the same time?
21. Can you use Multiple FROM in DockerFile ?
22. DockerFile runs as which user?
23. How can we pass an argument to DockerFile?
24. What are deployment strategies?
25. What is called an application load balancer?
26. What is Kubernetes architecture ?
27. What is called Fargate service in AWS?
28. What are Register targets in Ansible?
29. How do you pull artifacts from NEXUS?
30. How to access the S3 bucket privately ?
31. What is the difference between a NAT inst and a NAT Gateway?
32. How can you restrict particular IPs accessing EC2 instances?
33. What is called VPC peering?
34. What is called Transit Gateway?
35. What are the types of autoscaling?
36. To prevent DDOS attacks, which load balancer is used ?
37. What is called a sticky session?
38. What is called Lambda?
39. How do you manage tfstate file in Terraform?
40. How do yo create multiple ec2 instances in terraform ?
41. AWS has released a new service, how does Terraform behave?
42. How do you uncommit the changes that have already been pushed to GitHub?
43. What is the difference between git pull and git fetch?
44. What is called Jenkins File?
45. What is called Shared Libraries in Jenkins?
46. What is called docker networking?
47. What is called a Trust relationship in AWS?
48. What is called Public Subnet and Private Subnet?
49. How do you establish a connection between ec2 instance to another ec2 instance?
50. What is realm command ?
51. How do you differentiate within an AWS account dev env, test env, and prod env?
52. Types of ec2 instances?
53. How can you encrypt the already created unencrypted EBS without creating a fresh EC2 instance?
54. How do you install Nginx in the Ansible playbook?
55. How do you recover the deleted object in S3?

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