What is mlops? Why? How?

Introduction MLOps, short for Machine Learning Operations, is a set of practices and principles aimed at streamlining and automating the process of deploying, managing, and maintaining machine learning models in production. It combines aspects of software engineering and DevOps with the specific challenges and requirements of machine learning. What is mlops? MLOps, short for Machine … Read moreWhat is mlops? Why? How?

What is aiops? Why & How?

Introduction AIOps, short for Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations, represents a transformative approach to managing and optimizing modern IT infrastructures. It leverages advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to automate and enhance various aspects of IT operations, including monitoring, event correlation, anomaly detection, and root cause analysis. By harnessing the power of AI, AIOps … Read moreWhat is aiops? Why & How?

What is dataops? Why? Where? How ?

Introduction DataOps, or data operations, is a set of practices, processes, and technologies that combines an integrated and process-oriented perspective on data with automation and methods from agile software engineering to improve quality, speed, and collaboration and promote a culture of continuous improvement in the area of data analytics. DataOps is inspired by DevOps, a … Read moreWhat is dataops? Why? Where? How ?

What is devops? Why? What? How?

What is devops? DevOps is a set of practices that aims to streamline and integrate the processes of software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops). The goal of DevOps is to shorten the software development lifecycle, increase the frequency of software releases, and improve the quality and reliability of software applications. DevOps is a collaborative … Read moreWhat is devops? Why? What? How?