@return void Why this command is used in laravel model project?

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In Laravel, the @return void comment is used in PHPDoc-style comments to indicate the return type of a method in a class, particularly in PHPDoc comments for Laravel Eloquent models.

For example, consider the following Laravel Eloquent model method:

 * Perform some action.
 * @return void
public function performAction()
    // Code for performing the action goes here

Here’s what this means:

  • @return: This is a PHPDoc tag used to specify the type of value that a function or method returns.
  • void: In this context, void indicates that the method does not return any value.

So, in this example, the performAction() method is documented to not return anything.

While it might seem redundant to specify @return void for a method that doesn’t return anything, it is considered good practice because it makes the code more self-documenting. It helps developers understand what to expect from a method without having to look at its implementation.

Additionally, modern PHP IDEs and code analysis tools can use these annotations to provide better auto-completion, type-checking, and documentation lookup for developers working with the codebase.

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