Method App\Livewire\StudentShow::dispatchBrowserEvent does not exist.

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Error :

local.ERROR: Method App\Livewire\StudentShow::dispatchBrowserEvent does not exist. {"exception":"[object] (BadMethodCallException(code: 0): Method App\\Livewire\\StudentShow::dispatchBrowserEvent does not exist. at C:\\xampp-laravel\\htdocs\\laravel-li-model\\vendor\\livewire\\livewire\\src\\Component.php:136)
#0 C:\\xampp-laravel\\htdocs\\laravel-li-model\\app\\Livewire\\StudentShow.php(39): Livewire\\Component->__call('dispatchBrowser...', Array)
#1 C:\\xampp-laravel\\htdocs\\laravel-li-model\\vendor\\laravel\\framework\\src\\Illuminate\\Container\\BoundMethod.php(36): App\\Livewire\\StudentShow->saveStudent()

Usually, when you try to dispatch a browser event in a Livewire component, Livewire doesn’t recognize the method dispatchBrowserEvent, which is why you’re seeing this error message. To send browser events from Livewire components to the front end, Laravel Livewire uses this function.

Solution :

Step 1 :- Go to your project and analyze you code.

Step 2 :- As the error says i have an issue in this file App\Livewire\StudentShow. go and open that particular file.

Step 3 :- Once You open that file in editor you will see that there are many places where dispatchBrowserEvent has. like this:

Step 4 :- replace and change dispatchBrowserEvent to dispatch. And refresh you project.

Step 5 :- After refreshing your project you will see your project running smoothly.

Issue Solved.

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