DevSecOps Training and Course – Professional Level

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Course Feature: Embark on an immersive 5-day DevSecOps training program that covers a comprehensive range of DevSecOps principles, practices, and essential tools. This intensive training equips participants with the knowledge and hands-on experience to integrate security seamlessly into the software development lifecycle.

Training Objectives:

  • Deepen understanding of DevSecOps concepts, methodologies, and advantages.
  • Acquire practical expertise with a diverse set of popular DevSecOps tools.
  • Develop skills to identify, assess, and remediate security vulnerabilities.
  • Implement security automation, secure coding practices, and threat modeling.
  • Equip participants to lead DevSecOps initiatives effectively within their organizations.

Target Audience:

  • Software developers and engineers
  • DevOps practitioners
  • Security professionals aspiring for DevSecOps expertise
  • IT managers, team leads, and project managers

Training Methodology:

  • Engaging lectures and interactive discussions
  • Hands-on labs and practical exercises
  • Group activities, case studies, and real-world scenarios
  • Tool demonstrations and in-depth tool usage

Training Materials:

  • Comprehensive presentation slides and reference materials
  • Detailed lab guides with step-by-step instructions

Evaluation: Participants will be evaluated through their performance in labs, active participation, and a final assessment to ensure in-depth understanding and practical application.

Continuing Education: Participants will receive guidance on further learning resources, including recommended online courses, books, and industry events.

Certification Program: Upon successful completion, participants will receive a certification of achievement, validating their proficiency in implementing DevSecOps practices and effectively utilizing various tools.

Agenda Daywise:

Day 1: Introduction to DevSecOps

  • Understanding DevSecOps principles and its impact on software development
  • Integrating security into the software development lifecycle
  • Exploring common security vulnerabilities and attack vectors

Day 1: Hands-on Labs and Tool Demos

  1. Static Application Security Testing (SAST) using Checkmarx
  2. Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) with OWASP ZAP
  3. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) security using Terraform and Terrascan

Day 2: Advanced DevSecOps Practices

  • Secure coding practices and code reviews
  • Continuous integration and deployment security
  • Threat modeling and risk assessment

Day 2: Hands-on Labs and Tool Demos

  1. Container Security with Aqua Security
  2. Vulnerability Management using Nessus
  3. Identity and Access Management (IAM) with Keycloak

Day 3: Security Automation and Orchestration

  • Security Orchestration with Ansible
  • Automating security testing and remediation
  • Incident Response and Recovery in DevSecOps

Day 3: Hands-on Labs and Tool Demos

  1. Security Automation with Ansible Playbooks
  2. Automated Security Testing with OWASP Defectdojo
  3. Incident Response Simulation Exercise

Day 4: Secure Development and Operations

  • Secure software development lifecycle
  • Continuous monitoring and security analytics
  • DevSecOps in cloud environments

Day 4: Hands-on Labs and Tool Demos

  1. Secure Code Review and Remediation with SonarQube
  2. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) using ELK Stack
  3. Cloud Security with AWS Security Hub

Day 5: DevSecOps in Action

  • Building a security-focused DevSecOps culture
  • Implementing DevSecOps in real-world scenarios
  • Review, Q&A, and future learning paths

Day 5: Hands-on Labs and Group Activities

  1. Threat Modeling and Risk Assessment Exercise
  2. Group Discussion: Implementing DevSecOps in Organizations
  3. Final Assessment and Q&A Session

Lab Setup:

  • Participants should bring laptops with required software installations
  • Cloud-based environments or virtual machines will be provided for labs

Trainers: Our trainers are seasoned experts in DevSecOps and security, equipped with extensive practical experience and training delivery skills.


  1. Is prior DevOps experience necessary? Some familiarity with DevOps concepts will be beneficial, but the training covers foundational concepts comprehensively.
  2. What are the prerequisites for lab setup? Participants are required to bring their laptops. Virtual environments will be provided for lab exercises.
  3. Will I receive course materials for future reference? Yes, detailed course materials will be provided for future reference.
  4. Is certification provided upon completion? Yes, participants will receive a certification of achievement.
  5. Can I interact with trainers for specific queries? Dedicated Q&A sessions will provide ample opportunities to address individual queries.

Join us for this comprehensive 5-day training to elevate your DevSecOps skills, learn from experts, and gain hands-on experience with a variety of essential DevSecOps tools to create secure and resilient software systems.

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